Frequently asked questions

1. What is Aerosolvex?
2. How does Aerosolvex work?
3. How many parts is Aerosolvex made of?
4. Is it possible to autoclave Aerosolvex?
5. What the Aerosolvex intro kit contains?
6. Where can I find Aerosolvex?

1. What is Aerosolvex?

It is an extraoral aspirator used to contrast and reduce the dispersion of aerosols, droplets and micro-droplets during normal dental procedures.

How does Aerosolvex work?

It works by taking advantage of the suction system already present in dental offices but, thanks to its ring shape and the presence of the nasal flange, it creates a barrier effect that blocks most of the aerosol that is produced with the use of rotating instruments and ultrasound.

How many parts is Aerosolvex made of?

E’ un dispositivo modulare formato dall’assemblaggio di una maschera centrale e due bocchettoni laterali simmetrici (quindi intercambiabili) ai quali si aggiungono i raccordi che consentono di collegare Aerosolvex al tubo di aspirazione del riunito (Diam. interno 17 mm).

Can aerosolvex be sterilized and processed by autoclaving?

Aerosolvex is produced with a material tested to withstand cycles at 121 ° C; in this sense its peculiarity of being decomposable facilitates its disinfection and storage in an autoclave as well as in the drawers.

What the Aerosolvex intro kit box contains?

Riceverete un box contenente una maschera centrale da adulto, due bocchettoni laterali e un raccordo a ipsilon.

Where can I find Aerosolvex?

Aerosolvex si può acquistare tramite Larident Srl, Via Lamaneigra 12 R, 16030 Tribogna, Genova (Italy) Tel. +39 0185 938068 – Fax. +39 0185 938595 – E-mail –
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